Wednesday, 25 February 2015

February Hero Product

bareMinerals Blemish Remedy is a new purchase after failing miserably to find a product that will cover any little blemishes or breakouts without looking cakey, heavy or just not doing a very good job. Before this I was using Bobbi Brown creamy concealer  however I find it just a little too heavy, 

I love bareMinerals because they use lots of natural ingredients so I don't feel like I'm blocking my pores or causing more harm. This product is a powder and has sulphur included which is a natural spot fighting ingredient along with their ActiveSoil complex which sounds snazzy but basically exfoliates! 

It's a tiny pot but you need to use so little it should last ages, it comes along with this cute little brush and it a staple in my routine already as it's not too heavy but covers and I really have noticed any little blemishes improving really quickly! Annoyingly for me but GREAT for you, it's just gone into the sale on Feel Unique

Saturday, 21 February 2015


My Paris Looks...

Topshop stripe dress, £53 / Missguided camel coat, £88 / Topshop Textured Tunic / Topshop high rise skinny jeans, £50 / Rosie Silk Print Non-Padded Bra A-DD M&S / Rosie Silk Print High Leg Knickers M&S / Zara boots, £53 / Dorothy Perkins black ankle boots, £14 / Zara leather shoulder bag, £120 / Monsoon leather knapsack, £53 / Monsoon statement ring, £67 / Stella Dot aqua necklace, £53 / Yves Saint Laurent , £23

Adam surprised me with a trip to Paris for my birthday at the end of Feb and I'm SO overly excited about going! I don't go on holidays all that often (and not for lack of wanting to) so the thought of a few days to relax in Paris with one day of madness in Disneyland is making me want to explode. I've sat with Adam and checked out every ride and restaurant in Disneyland and have also bookmarked where to visit for the best macaroons and cakes!

Along with planning what we're going to do I've been thinking about what to wear. It's Paris and I instantly think of chic sophisticated looks. I'm no good at packing light as I always try and plan back ups incase I'm having a day where nothing looks good but this time around I've resolved to pack a capsule wardrobe. I put together this look for Paris around those amazing bags, don't you just love them! I own a few of the bits and some have definitely done on my wish list - the rucksack is a necessity for me, I have so much in my handbag I get really achy shoulders so a classy rucksack is a new edition to my wardrobe.

I'm looking for a lovely yet affordable dress for a fancy meal out but I've not decided on one yet - any tips would be great!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

My Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is such a funny day and really I don't see the big hoo haa either way. Some people are incredibly vocal about their V day feelings but personally I think if you're in a couple great, why not have a day to be extra cute and make that effort - I mean come how many people are romantic on a day to day basis? We've all had single and coupled up V-days and really it's just a commercial dream really isn't it!

I teach on Saturday's so my day began teaching singing and handing out heart shaped sweets because - why not. I'm always on a budget (London you expensive beast) so instead of joining a million other couples in every restaurant I decided to plan a little night in. Cheap, fun and relaxing. BLISS.

My initial idea was something like this scene from my favourite cheese-fest of a film The Holiday. Yes I'd build a fort in our tiny living room with fairy lights and cushions and throws everywhere and it would look magical. 

Well again I stress the budget - I had to make do with what I had which was a sofa, cushions, throws and a bed sheet. And this was the result (apologies for the I said our flat is tiny!

 Erm, not quite the same but still it's kiiiiind of fort-like/a cosy mess.

I also ordered in Chinese, not my fave but Adam loves it. He always wants to eat Chinese like they do in films out of tall pots so knowing nowhere that does this locally I ordered some from ebay to pop the food into a la US films! 

To complete this little Chinese meal I personalised the boxes with Adams name (thanks Google images!) and after the meal....fortune cookies! I found this quite brilliant site - Cracking Cookies who allow you to personalise the message inside and you can pick from loads of flavours from caramel or chocolate to pecan pie and lemon lavender. They're based in Scotland and the service was super fast. I also got a free cookie to try and can safely say they are delicious and nothing like the flavourless cardboard cookies you usually get.

Chinese take out, cuddles, movies & sex. This is my idea of a great way to spend a rainy day. Make this happen & I mi...

So throw in some beers, wine, very stereotypical heart balloons and strawberries and you've got yourselves a night in.

If you went out for a romantic meal, didn't celebrate at all or partied the night away with friends I hope you had fun! 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Whether you like it or not Valentine's Day is on the way and it's just a week away! It's such an emotive day for so many people and each year I hear a mix of 'what a load of commercialised rubbish', 'I'm single thanks *shop name* for smooshing it in my face, eurgh', and 'Ooh look heart shaped everything and an overpriced meal...YES!'

I personally think it's nice to have a day to celebrate little events even if you cook a special meal or make something - it's the thought that counts,  I've seen Valentine's day alone and as someone's girlfriend, I've either let it breeze by, gone out with girlfriends and danced the night away, or had a meal out or night in with that special someone. Who ever said no to a tasty meal or little thoughtful gift?! Right so if you're buying for someone or just want to treat yourself I've picked a few favourites for him or for her that you can pick up online so no excuses! 

                        Skagen Watch £81     Topman Holdall £50     Liz Earle Face Scrub £15.25
                    Liz Earle Cleanser £15.50      Love Vouchers £6.50      Beer Making Kit £39.99
                     Ralph Lauren Boxers £38    Topman Coin & Keyring Set £13   Burger Kit £25

Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Hero Product - Aveda

I love trying out new skincare and make-up but don't have a never ending budget to fork out what would probably be a small fortune of the number of amazing products I hear about. However, whenever I hear about a new product I've started to make a little wish list on my phone (because unless I write it down my brain is a complete sieve!) and then If I want to treat myself or have run out of something, I can pop on and take a look.

I'm going start doing a hero product a month - it might be skincare, beauty, furnishings, a book, you name it, just something I think is fab and you'll want to try too.

So this month I've chosen my Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant - a mouthful right?! Basically it's a liquid exfoliator so no grainy scratchy formula. Aveda have a great philosophy and this is reflected in the ingredients they use and quality of their products so I knew I could trust that this would be great on my skin. I have slightly sensitive skin which is prone to the odd break out once a month so have to be careful not to chose items that are too abrasive and this does the trick. It's suitable for men or women of all skin types  and is quick to use (just like a toner) once or twice a week in the evening after cleansing. It's brilliant if you have a bit of a breakout, congestion or your skin just feels a little dull. It does an amazing job of unclogging pores yet is gentle and smells lovely and fresh. 

You can buy Aveda from their online shop here or from Feel Unique (if you add Aveda as your favourite brand via Feel Unique you can also get 10% off forever...BONUS!).