Thursday, 20 November 2014

Italian Baked Eggs

As the nights grow ever colder and darker I find it so tempting to get lazy with the food I eat so this recipe came as a surprising revelation under the category - winter warmer! I usually crave hot mashed potato and pizzas ( not together...that would just be weird), so when Adam found this recipe and even offered too cook it, after I picked myself up off the floor, I was intrigued. 

I've seen baked eggs on many a fancy brunch menu out in London but the lure of pancakes or breakfast burritos always sway me away. It would work really well for a brunch but we had it for dinner and it's lovely with some crusty bread. I'm sure for the meat craving of you out there some chorizo would work brilliantly with this.

It was so easy to make Adam actually exclaimed he didn't know why he didn't cook more as it was so simple. Win for me. And guess was blooming tasty! Filling, pretty healthy, lots of flavours, what more do you need?!

What you need:

1 Aubergine - diced
1 Red onion - finely chopped
2 Garlic cloves - crushed
1 tin Cannellini beans - drained and rinsed
Eggs (1 per person)
Tin of tomatoes
2 tbs Pesto
Parmesan cheese 
Basil  - fresh 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

I know it's early but....

Sign: £3     Snow Globe: £5  (not available online yet)  Trousers: £0.99    Box with bow: from £1     Chocs: £3.75

Yes yes before you all say it...I know it's only just bonfire night but I can't get enough of Christmas! The early trickle of decorations popping up, mince pies in the shops and the release of the always-epic John Lewis advert this weeks means it's time to accept and embrace! 

It's sad to say but I've done the bulk of my present shopping already. As I've mentioned before online shopping is my best friend, there's always offers/free postage/cashback to be had along with online shopping and you don't need to tackle to crowds. So I'd say get on it! I'm probably going to write a full post of this one day but I have to mention it as I blooming love it (and no I don't work for them!).  Before you start your online shopping sign up to Topcashback (or Quidco).

It's money for nothing, you simply sign up, click through their site to get to your site of choice and wham bam thank you mam, free money. I found out about it through the brilliant Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis and over 7 years I've made over £750 just by shopping normally. Yes it can take a while for the money to drip through but you have loads of options to take the money out (bacs, amazon vouchers, Paypal etc). From clothes to new bank accounts or even your food shop, it has so many stores - and don't take my word for it take a look (and feel free top sign up with my referral link too!)

Anywho back onto the 'C' word. I've picked up these little gems recently and they're all cheap as chips and add that little something to your home/work space. I love snow globes and wish for a really old fashioned one like you see on Home Alone but they're EXPENSIVE. So this lovely little simple snowy scene was a snip at £5 from Matalan  The slate sign, also Matalan, was a brilliant £3 and the little father Christmas trouser gift bags were an eBay purchase. They are felt but can stand up and I thought they'd be idea for little stocking filler gifts or even Christmas sweeties at home (filled with some Hotel Chocolat treats in this photo that went to my lovely friend Rachael).  The brown box with a red bow in the background was from Tiger and is perfect for no fuss gift giving, just add some nice tissue paper and boom....job done. They have different sizes all from £1 so for the lazy or bad wrappers among us it works so well.

So as I sip my toffee nut latte from my Starbucks Christmas cup I say go forth and prep for Christmas!