Wednesday, 24 September 2014


We went on a last minute trip to Brighton on Sunday and it was lovely to enjoy what could be the last
of the summer sun this month! Living in London the seaside is only an hour away and it's so easy on the train to make it an day trip. I love the seaside, it always reminds me of being young and going on
family holidays to the Lake District or Wales, walking along the beach and getting excited at the prospect of the 10p slot machines in an ageing arcade. 

Brighton is still so new to me, I love the winding lanes of characterful shops, great atmosphere and it's not short of a pub or two! After a massive breakfast we headed along the beach front, had a nosey around some little shops.

Adam caught me cooing over this handmade spotted clay milk carton and heart chalk painted sign so treated me. You can find these along with lots of other beauties in 229 on the beachfront - I wanted everything in there and the owner is just lovely.

We then met my friend Helen for a drink in Meat Liquor - I drank a Summer of Love Cocktail which had vodka, fresh lemon, muddled red grapes, passion fruit and sauvignon blac. Sounds odd but it was so refreshing!

For dinner we ended at Jamie Olivers for some delicious pasta. I always hear mixed things about Jamie's chain however I've never had a bad meal, you get free prosecco on your birthday with his gold card (available via his site), a little taster, and his lasagne is the best I've ever tried (sorry mum!). The day flew by and I'd love to visit some non chain food and drink spots next time but it was still lovely to be in the fresh sea air as there's not too much of that on the daily commute to work. The macarons were a treat for the train home from Cocoa because there's never a unsuitable time for a macaron, although I'll be honest...they were no Ladurée.

My outfit choice for the day was comfortable and edging away from summer. It was chilly in the morning and then warmed up so the jacket soon came off. Links below for the current items in this Autumnal look.

Jacket: H&M £34.99   Dress: Zara  £29.99   Bag: Zara    Boots: Dorothy Perkins £35.00   
Necklace: ASOS £8

I'd love some tips for places I should head to the next time I go to Brighton so let me know if you have some hidden gems I should try!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

September Wishlist

I'm a massive lover of a bit of retail therapy, ever since I started to earn pocket money by doing chores around the house I'd save up those pounds and spend hours looking around Miss Selfridge or testing make up in Boots on a Saturday with friends before going for a McChicken Sandwhich Meal. I used to get swayed by a bargain only to realise it was in the sale for a was hideous, but that said I still love a bargain.

With 90% of my purchases nowadays there accompanies a 'but oh there was a sale on/discount code/I had a voucher/I just sold loads of things om ebay' to justify my buying but online shopping makes it far too easy to part with hard earned cash!

Saying that there are lots of bargains to be had out there at the moment, I mean I rarely shop on George but when we were looking for a footstool for our flat I suddenly saw their new season clothes advertised and you'd be rude not to take a peek! I've included a couple of gems I found on there and they're simply lovely.

So my September wishlist is just that - a wishlist of some really affordable and some not-quite-in-my budget-at-the-moment luxuries. A mix of fashion, beauty and home-ware. Let me know what you think and if you've had your eye on any beauties recently I'd love to hear your must have (or want!) items.

1. George Check Dress £16  2. Etsy Abstract Print £32.84 (inc postgae)
3. Etsy Gentle Reminder Pencils £7.56

Monday, 15 September 2014

My first grown up camera

Well over a week has passed by and as I eagerly awaited the delivery of my new camera I realised need to get myself into a better routine! I've devised a blog post calendar (I'm a lover of a list), so with my first ever DSLR camera in hand I'm busy reading my way through the instruction book so I can get snapping and blogging regularly. After reading some recommendations and with the future hopes of vlogging I went for a Cannon 600D DSLR. I read about this camera on Zoella's blog It has a flip screen so you can see yourself when vlogging and it generally looks like it has the potential to last me a long time. 
I've also ordered a few little accessories from Ebay as they were just cheap as chips compared to any other online stores I'd found. Links below.

     2. Camera Tripod     3. Wireless Camera Remote    4. Softbox Lighting  

I can't wait to start snapping away and with so many future blog plans I'm off to learn learn learn!